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The eXplico corporation has been providing training and consulting services since 1993. Our focus is on AIX, Linux, clustering, high availability, security and software development.

Your goals determine our agenda. When we say service, we mean it. This means arranging dates as flexibly as possible, rapid responses and extensive service even after hours.

The continuity represented by long-term trainers and consultants is our strength. And the quality of their expertise is assured by our program of continuous training and experience sharing. You can be sure of benefitting from honest and informed service, a fact evidenced by our long-term and close client relationships.

Managing Directors of eXplico Software GmbH

Brigitte Schäfer DIPL. INFORM. Ms. Schäfer obtained her degree in informatics from the Technical University of Munich. She started her career as a lecturer and was later appointed training director of a Unix-System company. She has been the managing director of eXplico Software GmbH since the company was founded.

Claus-Jürgen Schäfer DIPL. INFORM.
Mr. Schäfer studied informatics at the Technical University of Munich. His career background includes several years in SW development, planning and realization of UNIX projects as well as pre- and post-sale technical support. He has been senior trainer and consultant at eXplico Software GmbH since 1996 with a focus on AIX, HACMP, LPAR and virtualization.



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