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Title: Python
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This course is for application developers, system administrators and programmers who want to use Python to improve the efficiency of their work.
Upon completing this seminar you will be familiar with the uses of the Python programming language and its elementary mechanisms such as lists, loops, functions and accessing external files. A prerequisite for participants is a knowledge of how to work with modules and packages, how to use classes in the environment of object-oriented programming as well as web development, and a knowledge of interfaces with GUI programming.
Python basics
 - Scopes of Python
 - Introduction to the development environment IDE
 - Comparison to other programming languages
Syntax of Python
 - Data structures
 - Control structures in Python
 - Functions, parameter
 - Comments
 - Exceptions
Object orients programming with Python
 - Objects
 - Attributes, classes
 - Inheritance
 - Overloading of operators and methods
Anvanced Python functionality
 - Regular expressions
 - Working with files
 - XML handling
Application examples
 - Administration tools
 - CGI programming
 - GUI programming
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5 days
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2.190,00 €
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SCRIPT22.1 - Python for professionals


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