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Title: AIX Admin I: Basic system administration functions
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Hands-on course for system administrators planning to install and administer IBM POWER systems with AIX 6 or AIX 7.1.
The participants acquire a mastery of the most important system administration tasks both with familiar tools and commands, and learn to implement elementary network services.
Duties of the system administrator
System initialization
 - The AIX boot process
 - Starting and stopping the daemons
Users, groups, and security
 - Administration files and default settings
 - Enhanced concepts (group security, ACLs ...)
 - Authentication methods (LAM and PAM)
 - Tasks of the ODM and the configuration files
 - Special files
Logical Volume Manager - LVM
 - Structure and definitions of the LVM
 - Mirroring and striping
 - Using paging spaces
File systems
 - File system types in AIX (jfs, jfs2, NFS, cdrfs, udfs)
 - Tools to manage the file systems
Backup and Restore
 - Common commands (backup, tar, pax, cpio, dd)
 - System backup and volume group backup
Printing with AIX
 - Configuration of the spooler (qconfig, virtual printer)
 - Configure a printer, basic commands
Software administration
 - Installation and administration of new software
 - System updates and fixes
 - Softwaredocumentation (snap)
Installing the Base Operating System (BOS)
 - Methods (overwrite, preserve, migrate)
 - base configuration
 - Basic configuration of TCP/IP
 - Concepts of NFS, Samba, and ssh
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