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Title: Linux LPI certification LPIC-1
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The course is for people who want to obtain the LPIC-1 Certificate (LPIC-1, tests: LPI101 and LPI102). An appropriate qualification is not only advantageous, it is even required in the context of project proposals or business partnerships.
This course gives participants the opportunity to review the knowledge they need in the latest respective tests LPI101 and LPI202. Participants can eliminate their knowledge gaps and assess their knowledge level. The costs of the tests are not included in the price of the course.
 - Hardware & architektur
 - Linux installation & package management
 - GNU & Unix Commands
 - Devices, Linux file systems, file system hierarchy
 - Standard FSH
 - The X Window System
 - Kernel
 - Boot, initialisation, shutdown and runlevels
 - Printing
 - Documentation
 - Shells, scripting, programming, compiling
 - Administrative tasks
 - Basic knowledge about networks
 - Network services
 - Security
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3 days
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1.950,00 €
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